BOY [n.] - 1. the wildest of all animals. 2. a noise with dirt on it. 3. most precious to their mothers. 4. FOUR of life's greatest blessings.

Our Story


Power Portraits, LLC started in 2016 in Duncan Falls, OH (as JL Photography, Portraits & Sports) and is quickly growing in the surrounding cities. Power Portraits is owned and operated by Jessica Tysinger, CPP. Jessica resides in Muskingum County with her husband and four sons.

Power Portraits realized the need for a photographer that focused primarily on the youth and sports. They understand the specific needs of customers such as leagues, schools, associations and other portrait and event work and have developed a service program that ensures your Picture Day will run smoothly and efficiently. They offer quick turnaround of orders so that customers can enjoy their photos and products right away.

Along with the sports portraits, Power Portraits is also currently offering specialty items including: photo buttons, banners, statuettes and more. Power Portraits hopes to help leagues and associations leave a great impression with parents and the youth.

In 2018, Power Portraits became the home of Santa’s Storybook Workshop as well. Children have an exclusive opportunity to spend an hour with Santa in his workshop for a private, interactive photography experience. They will help Santa paint toys, share milk and cookies, help him decorate his Christmas tree and so much more! Santa sends the children home with a special box filled with magic and North Pole snow, as well as a leather wish book and key to record all of their Christmas wishes. It’s an experience like no other! Fine Art images are then hand created for family keepsakes.

At Power Portraits we also have a love for portrait photography of families and children. Power Portraits' goal is to help you remember everything about your family and kids - through portraits! (Printed Portraits!) :) 

"You don't take a photograph, you make it!" - Ansel Adams