Santa's Storybook Workshop

As soon as you enter Santa's Storybook Workshop photography studio, the magical, nostalgic feeling of Christmas will overwhelm you.  You’ll sit back and watch your children experience the magic, love, hope and wonderment that Santa brings.  Santa's Storybook Workshop will fill you with laughter, joy and even tears while you’re here.   Our hand-finished art pieces will add a timeless appeal to Santa's Storybook Workshop.

Santa's Storybook Workshop - Braxton and Bexley help Santa decorate his Christmas Tree.

Santa's Storybook Workshop - Braxton and Bexley help Santa decorate his Christmas Tree.

What is Santa's Storybook Workshop?

Santa's Storybook Workshop is a private, one-hour, interactive photography experience with Santa Claus.  Your child will meet Santa in a warm, inviting setting, with all of the personal touches of The North Pole.


Santa's Storybook Workshop Blue Rock Ohio Santa checking his toy list

We offer children a unique opportunity at a new take on “pictures with Santa”.   They will meet Santa Claus in a private setting, with up to one hour of one-on-one time.  During your time with us, we follow a “script” that allows Santa to tell his story and allows the children to experience moments with him like never before.

Santa’s Story

Santa's Storybook Workshop Blue Rock Columbus Ohio Santa sharing magic snow

We are creating a storybook sequence of events to photograph for you.  The entire process is designed to create natural expressions and interactions between your child and Santa Claus.  Santa will start by confirming their names in his nice book, ask them what they want for Christmas, let them speak to the head elf at The North Pole on his magic phone, show them the North Pole, and show them how his Magic toy bag works.  The real fun with Santa begins in the workshop, where Santa will ask for help to paint toys for other children.  He will share the secret of how the Reindeer fly and how they make the trip around the world in one night.  Of course, Santa will share his cookies and milk, and then finish up with a reading of ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.  Before they leave they will help him decorate his Christmas tree and say goodbye.

Once we receive your inquiry, we will call you for a consultation and to confirm a date and time.  

What is included in the Experience?

  • A 60-minute, private, interactive portrait experience with Santa Claus

  • A $200 Print Credit to be applied toward your product order (ask us for pricing on specific items)

  • A special box filled with Santa’s Magic

  • A leather wish book & key filled with pages for you and your child to record his/her Christmas wishes

  • Hand-finished art by Power Portraits

  • A one-to-one appointment with a slideshow of your images and ordering consultation

  • Social Media files for sharing all of your ordered images

September Special: $399 (You’ll receive $200 back as a credit towards your product order)

$199 includes the 60-minute private session with Santa, a special box filled with magic, and a leather wishbook for each child to take home with them. Also, all wardrobes are provided! No need to purchase new Christmas clothing before the session. AND….if the session is booked during the month of September, you will receive a $100 BONUS Gift! (Sessions booked in September will take place during the month of October.)