READ: Your online pre-order should be done from a desktop computer or laptop so that you are able to print your receipt and place it in your ordering envelope to bring with you on picture day. *However, if you only have access to a mobile device, you can still place an online order. Just be sure to complete the order envelope COMPLETELY with your information and note on the envelope that the order was paid online

Click the link below for your league and follow steps #1-#5: 

Muskingum Family YMCA - Southtown Gym, Wednesday, November 14th and Thursday, November 15th

Maysville Youth Basketball 2018 - Foxfire Schools, Saturday, November 17th

#1 click open gallery

#2 click on the order form

#3 click on buy photo

# 4 place your order

#5 Print your receipt and place it in your envelope to bring on picture day